EN-POWER GROUP’s Director of Energy Management, Thomas Morrisson, was featured in HABITAT’s June 2020 Issue, which showcases problems encountered by multifamily properties and shed light on solutions for these problems.

Tom talked about an electric submetering project at  London Terrace Towers in Chelsea, Manhattan. The electricity consumption of this 700-unit co-op building went up significantly after ConEdison replaced some master meters in the building. Thus, the building engaged EN-POWER GROUP to install submeters, which would enable the board to not only decrease the costs but also “understand how they’re using electricity, both in the residential portion and the common areas of the building”. More importantly, as an approved service provider of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA’s) Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program, EN-POWER GROUP is able to enroll this project into the program and secure funding that covers 30% of the cost. As a result, the building can include metering of common area loads for both electricity and natural gas in the project scope without increasing the project budget. The project was held off due to COVID-19 and the NYS PAUSE executive order. “As soon as the moratorium on nonessential construction is lifted, then we’ll move forward.” Tom further explained that the it would be a good time to implement electric submetering projects because more people are transitioning to working from home and spending more time in their apartments.


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