A deep energy retrofit may seem daunting due to its required capital investment and time. Yet, a holistic, integrated retrofit plan was the key to The Fairview saving $503,000 annually on its energy bills. To share the challenges and solutions of this retrofit project, EN-POWER GROUP produced The Fairview: Deep Retrofits in Multifamily Residence forum at Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) on May 8th. This panel consisted of representatives from the building, engineering company, NYSERDA, and contractor, who worked on the facility’s gas conversion and installation of high efficiency chiller plant, pumps, domestic hot water heaters, building-wide and exterior lighting, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, and cogeneration (CHP). Speakers included:

  • Greg Carlson, Property Manager, Fairview Owners Corp
  • Michael Scorrano, PE, Managing Director, EN-POWER GROUP
  • Dean Zias, Project Manager, NYSERDA
  • Jeff Glick, Vice President of Sales, Tecogen

Moderated by Elizabeth Engoren, a Senior Energy Engineer and Business Development Associate at EN-POWER GROUP, the speakers discussed how to:


  • Engage residents to support the project
  • Select suitable, cost-effective equipment and technologies
  • Tackle technical challenges of incorporating new equipment into existing building systems
  • Identify applicable rebate and incentive programs for deep energy retrofit project

Additionally, they shared their perspectives on the future role of deep energy retrofits in building management as well as New York City’s and State’s carbon emission reduction plans.

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