Meet the Team

Thomas Morrisson

Director of Energy Management


B.S. in Environmental Science, Minor in Economics, Franklin & Marshall College

Thomas has been working with EN-POWER GROUP since 2010, leading the company’s energy management and metering services. As the Director of Energy Management, Thomas oversees the metering, energy and financial analysis, acquisition due diligence, energy forecasting, benchmarking, procurement, sustainability reporting, and rebate facilitation; and is the lead architect of EN-POWER GROUP’s proprietary database. He has focused much of his career on the deployment of energy metering systems to support tenant billing, financial and energy reporting, energy monitoring, and measurement and verification for large‑scale energy efficiency projects.

Prior to his role at EN-POWER GROUP, Thomas developed his skills in energy management as the Senior Energy Analyst and Director of Metering Solutions at a major energy solutions provider, working with leading financial institutions, real estate owners, and managers. As the Senior Energy Analyst, he implemented procurement strategies for many of the largest commercial buildings in NYC, securing electricity, green energy, natural gas, and fuel oil contracts, while additionally developing sustainability strategies, energy reports, utility forecasts and various utility rate analyses. As the Director of Metering Solutions, Thomas was instrumental in developing the company’s patented web-based energy and environmental tracking program, leading the designs of the user interface and reporting features.