Case Study

Office Building’s Lighting Upgrade Saves $72,000 and 359,000 kWh Annually

The custom building-wide lighting upgrade also secured $31,000 in funding from local utility and had a quick one-year project payback

Located at 3601 Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown, NY, this 92,000 sqft office building was facing rising electricity bills and wanted to find energy efficiency measures with fast paybacks. EN-POWER GROUP realized the facility was a perfect candidate for a lighting upgrade and had our experts design and install new lights throughout all offices, hallways, and stairwells. The project received $31,000 from their local utility, PSE&G, and saves the building $72,000 and 359,000 kWh of electricity each year.

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Property Profile

  • Location: Levittown, New York
  • Square Footage: 92,000
  • Floors: 5
  • Year Built: 1972
  • Building Style: Office


  • Lighting
  • Project Construction Management
  • Rebates and Financing
  • Energy Audit

Project Achievements

  • Total Rebate: $31,000
  • Annual Energy Cost Savings: $72,000
  • Project Payback: 1.01 Years
  • Annual Energy Savings: 359,000 kWh

Project Highlight

Building-wide lighting upgrade pays for itself in just over one-year

To help the Long Island office building reduce its electricity costs, EN-POWER GROUP assisted the building from concept to completion. First, we performed a lighting study throughout the building. This walkthrough audit enabled our experts to understand the condition of each existing fixture as well as the lighting needs of each tenant space. Using this information, we created a lighting energy model for the entire building that included each individual light fixture to capture current and projected energy consumption and light quality. Our lighting project managers then specified and oversaw the installation of over 800 new light fixtures in the building’s stairs, hallways, and offices. The project received $31,000 from their local utility, PSE&G, and saves the building $72,000 each year.

The building’s managers were so pleased with the lighting work, they asked EN-POWER GROUP to conduct an ASHRAE Level 1 energy audit to identify other cost-effective energy conservation measures. Upon completion of the energy audit, our engineers successfully identified four (4) energy conservation measures, including installing a solar PV system, submetering tenant spaces, installing variable frequency drives (VFDs), and installing a building management system (BMS). Implementation of all measures would lead to annual savings of 286,000 kWh and $203,000 on utility costs.