Meet the Team

Jeffrey Heller

Senior Energy Auditor


B.S. in Environmental Science, Concentration in Energy and Environment, University of Delaware


Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

Multifamily Building Analyst (MFBA)

Jeffrey is a Senior Energy Auditor at EN-POWER GROUP who helps buildings navigate to a more energy efficient future. His passion for the energy industry began while working on a self-sustained dairy farm primarily powered by a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, inspiring him to pursue a career in sustainability. At EN-POWER, Jeff has conducted energy audits, retro-commissioning studies, capital needs assessments, integrated physical needs assessments, and project management services for over seventy (70) large commercial and multifamily buildings with a wide range of mechanical systems, making him well equipped to help clients strategize building improvements and associated capital planning.


How an Energy Auditor helps a 1.6-million sqft Mitchell-Lama complex strategize their capital planning and save $850,000 annually

A recent project Jeff led and completed was an Integrated Physical Needs Assessment (IPNA) for Linden Plaza Housing Complex, a 1.6-million square foot Mitchell-Lama development for moderate-income families. The Brooklyn complex consists of five (5) large buildings and 32 townhouses, with 1,525 total units. The building mechanical systems and physical construction needed extensive renovation, prompting the property managers to commission an IPNA study to help evaluate their options and opportunities for improvement. Importantly, the IPNA report would be used as a tool to help receive funding from the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (NYC HPD), and had to meet rigorous standards and specific agency requirements.

Jeff and his team of engineers and architects identified 17 major capital improvement upgrades that would save the facility over $850,000 annually in utility costs. Measures were diverse and included installation of new central plant heating boilers, major repair of the vacuum steam distribution system, elevator modernization, roof replacement, and overhauling the exhaust ventilation system. Jeff’s analysis also included a detailed 15-year financial projection that outlined projected utility costs, construction costs and paybacks, repair schedules, local law compliance needs, and incentives and rebates that could provide financial assistance. Currently Jeff is helping the facility strategize their capital planning and select a final package of holistic measures to implement for deep energy savings.