Case Study

Hotel Lighting Upgrade Saves Energy While Matching Art Deco Style

Luxury Art Deco hotel gained major savings from lighting upgrades without compromising guest comfort and chic design

As a luxury boutique hotel located in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, the Walker Hotel not only provides attentive service but also delivers an exceptional experience through its chic Art Deco design and elegant atmosphere. When the hotel worked with        EN-POWER GROUP to implement lighting upgrades in its lobby, restaurant, and basement, our project staff was committed to delivering a lighting solution that decreased electricity costs while upholding the hotel’s high aesthetic standards.



Property Profile

  • Location: Greenwich Village, Manhattan
  • Square Footage: 46,000
  • Year Built: 2011
  • Building Type: Luxury Hotel


  • Lighting
  • Project Construction Management

Project Achievements

  • Project Cost: $2,900
  • Annual Electricity Savings: 43,600 kWh
  • Annual Electricity Cost Savings: $8,900
  • Annual Maintenance Cost Savings: $2,800
  • Simple Payback: 0.3 years
  • Return on Investment (ROI): 300%
  • Annual Carbon Emission Reduction: 33 Tons
  • Project Highlight: Worked with existing aesthetic of Art Deco lobby to ensure lighting maintained the same aesthetic as the original lighting while using less energy and decreasing utility costs
Aware of a vibrant lighting market containing numerous equipment and manufacturer options, the Walker Hotel hired        EN-POWER GROUP to oversee their lighting upgrade and ensure the changes met their facility’s rigorous requirements. The lighting upgrade needed to not only conserve energy and reduce utility costs but also match the hotel’s interior design aesthetic and work with all existing control systems. For example, the lobby is equipped with a custom control panel that adjusts the lighting to different brightness levels and hues throughout the day to maintain a stylish indoor atmosphere. Additionally, the upgrade to the lobby, restaurant, and basement was not to disrupt hotel guests and had to require minimal construction.

EN-POWER GROUP’s lighting team began the project with a detailed audit to gain a better understanding of the Walker Hotel’s existing control systems and identify possible replacement lights. Once the audit was complete, our lighting team then tested all identified options in order to select the appropriate replacement light that would be compatible with the existing lobby control system, match the original lighting’s warmth (i.e., color), and maintain the existing levels of brightness. Finally, EN-POWER GROUP managed all steps of the project construction process to ensure all equipment was quickly and properly installed. The project was completed in fewer than two months and saved the hotel over $11,000 in annual utility and maintenance costs.