Bottom line: [Co-op board director] McGinnis figured out that his co-op was spending $9586.95 per year to keep the fluorescents burning brightly 24 hours a day.

Expert advice. “So I knew what we had, but I didn’t know where we could go,” says McGinnis. He turned to En-Power, the energy consultant 2 Charlton had used for other efficiency projects, for next-step advice. En-Power double-checked the math and recommended a bi-level LED fixture manufactured by Remphos. This fixture would dim the lights when no one was in the hallway; but as soon as someone entered, the lights would brighten to full strength.

Takeaway. In the world of energy conservation, it’s a truism that you have to spend money to save money. That’s why energy gurus talk about how much time it will take to see a return on your investment. The total project cost about $42,450. ConEd gave them a rebate of $12,900, and the co-op wrote a check for $30,000. Each year the co-op will be saving about $9,000 in electricity charges, bringing their payback period to about 2.4 years.”

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