“Energy audits of multifamily buildings, now mandated in New York City for structures over 50,000-sq.-ft., typically identify a common set of cost-effective retrofits and operational modifications to reduce energy consumption. “This not about green roofs and solar panels,” Padian says. ‘It is about taking an existing building and making it work right.’ …The 20-story, 151-unit co-op at 180 East End Avenue, New York, is replacing antiquated steam boiler controls with Heat Timers with outdoor temperature resets. The old controls were causing boiler short cycling, which increased fuel consumption, says Michael Scorrano, managing director at the En-Power Group, Katonah, N.Y.

Alternatively, apartments can be outfitted with temperature sensors that communicate with the boiler. The controls adjust the hydronic loops better by either running the system longer or turning off pumps when the system has satisfied internal temperatures, Scorrano explains.”

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