EN-POWER GROUP’s Managing Director and Founder,Michael Scorrano, was featured in HABITAT’s June 2020 Issue, which showcases problems encountered by multifamily properties and shed light on solutions for these problems.

Michael shared a chiller replacement project at 200 Central Park South with HABITAT. EN-POWER GROUP was the engineer and project manager for this project. The board of this 35-story multifamily property wanted to replace the old steam chiller to electric modular chiller plant to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate the usage of expensive rigging. Initially, the engineering team of EN-POWER GROUP planned for a single electricity shutdown to get the electrical equipment connected changed. However, the electricians found out that multiple shutdowns would be needed and causing concerning inconveniences for the shareholders in this 35-story buildings. The engineering team needed to come up with a solution to minimize the inconveniences to building residents. Eventually, EN-POWER GROUP brought in another electrician who was specialized in working on higher-voltage, higher-tension type of services. This electrician was able to do the work without turning the power off. Having the new electrician to do the work “live” increased the project costs; however, as highlighted by Michael, “the building realized that by making this change, it would minimize the impact to the building, and the board was more than willing to look at this alternative.” With the solution provided by the engineers, this chiller replacement project was smoothly implemented with minimal disruptions to the residents.


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