EN-POWER GROUP’s Managing Director and Founder, Michael Scorrano, was featured in Habitat’s June 2019 Issue.

Michael spoke about the importance of project management responsiveness, which is crucial when unexpected delays hit projects. He highlighted a recent building-wide gas conversion project that had been affected by the construction of NYC’s Second Avenue Subway and service delivery by Con Edison.  “… Delays happened, and the Board had to make a very big decision before the cooling season arrived; take a chance that we would be able to bring the new chiller onto the roof, or use the old equipment (and steam) for one more season.” To avoid service disruptions, EN-POWER held charrettes with all stakeholders: Con Edison, the Second Avenue Subway construction team, and the Board to ensure transparency between all parties and that a realistic timeline could be established and met. These stakeholder meetings lead to the creation of a contingency plan, which was ultimately adhered to in order to protect the building’s utility service and successfully avoid any service disruptions.

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