Engineering Design & Implementation

Engineering Design & ImplementationExpert Analysis, Cost-Effective Implementation

Identify energy cost savings, decarbonization opportunities, mitigate risks, and help your property function at its best with a thorough assessment led by our expert engineers.

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Commissioning & Retro-commissioning

Commissioning is a systematic process that ensures new building systems and equipment meet the owner's project requirements by verifying their design, installation, operation, and maintenance. Retro‑commissioning, also known as "existing building commissioning," can reduce a building’s energy costs by optimizing the building system performance. Both processes are mandated for a variety of local laws and green building certification programs and should be conducted by a certified commissioning professional. EN-POWER GROUP’s certified engineers commission a wide-range of building systems, including HVAC and domestic water equipment, building management systems, and lighting.

Controls & Building Automation

Reliable and integrated building controls allow for active system management and monitoring, thereby providing better heating, cooling, and ventilation, extending equipment lifespans, reducing energy costs, and improving occupant comfort. Our engineers can optimize and upgrade controls for individual equipment as well as for centralized building management systems.


Lighting systems can consume as much as one fifth of a building’s overall energy usage. EN-POWER GROUP lighting services are designed to reduce this expense through efficient lighting design and implementation strategies. Our lighting services include every step of an upgrade process from conducting on-site assessments to local law compliance to designing and installing energy efficient lighting and automatic controls, including incorporation into building management systems. As we implement these turnkey services, we can also help capture any applicable rebates and incentives.

Mechanical Systems

Mechanical systems are designed to provide comfort, maintain indoor air quality, and provide basic building services such as domestic hot water. With our engineering and project management experience, we help our clients identify, design, and install energy efficient solutions for all building systems. Our engineering services cover the following building systems:


From a centralized cooling system with chillers and cooling towers controlled by a building management system (BMS) to packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) in individual apartments, we can help you identify the most suitable, cost-effective solutions to make your building’s cooling system perform better.

Distribution Systems

If major mechanical systems are the vital organs of a building, the distribution systems are the arteries and veins. Whether hot surfaces need to be insulated, steam traps need to be repaired or replaced, or piping networks redesigned, our engineers can help you select and implement the right strategies to protect the health and improve the efficiency of your facility.

Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

Domestic hot water (DHW) systems produce the hot water for domestic services. We deploy multiple solutions to improve inefficient DHW systems, including separating DHW production from general heating to increase efficiency, adopting solar thermal hot water, and installing low-flow sink and showerhead fixtures.

Domestic Water

Water consumption not only affects your water bills but also your electricity bills as water must be transported to the user by pumps. From installing low-flow fixtures to lower water consumption to adding variable frequency drives (VFDs) to lessen electricity usage, EN-POWER GROUP will find the most suitable solutions to improve the efficiency of delivering domestic water while ensuring reliability.

Fuel Conversion

As the market shifts towards cleaner energy sources and local regulations (e.g., New York City’s 2011 ordinance to phase out #6 and #4 heating oil) mandate cleaner fuels, it is financially and environmentally beneficial for buildings to undergo fuel conversions. EN-POWER GROUP has expertise designing and implementing fuel conversions, especially conversions with high financial payback such as oil to gas and steam to gas conversions.


Whether you want to decrease utility costs by upgrading to a more efficient boiler or you want to increase your facility’s energy independence and resiliency by switching from district steam to an on-site heat plant, EN-POWER GROUP can help you every step of the way. From the design to permitting to construction, our professional engineers are capable of installing the most cost-effective heating systems while being sure to keep your needs and occupants’ comfort in mind.



Resilient mechanical technologies, including cogeneration, emergency power generation, and battery storage can help minimize the impacts of severe weather events and power outages on your facility. EN-POWER GROUP, with extensive experience on resiliency projects, can customize the most suitable resilient solutions for your building. For more details about our resiliency services, click here. 

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

A VFD is a device designed to control an electric motor’s speed to match the system’s demand, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing electricity consumption. EN-POWER GROUP can identify ideal applications for VFDs to reduce energy spending, including integration into a building management system. In addition, EN-POWER GROUP can identify the proper rebate structure that will reduce the total project cost.


Proper ventilation is critical for indoor air quality, occupant comfort, and building code compliance. It is therefore essential to have a functional, well-balanced ventilation system. For both exhaust and supply ventilation systems EN-POWER GROUP offers a wide range of ventilation optimization services in which our team can provide design, construction, and project management services.

On-site Generation

There are many benefits of installing on-site generation. Most notably, on-site generation gives buildings more autonomy, flexibility, and resiliency than traditional energy sources. Renewable resources such as solar electric (PV) will also provide both environmental benefits and attractive financial paybacks. Technologies like combined heat and power (CHP) have further thermal benefits that will improve the payback of generating electricity on-site.

EN-POWER GROUP conducts feasibility analysis to determine which technologies are more suitable for each building, ensures that rebates and demand response patriation opportunities are optimized, and provides project financing, design, construction, permit applications, and commissioning to achieve the maximum financial payback.

Permitting & Special Inspections

From applying to local and state permits to conducting inspections, EN-POWER GROUP can help you comply with local law requirements and complete projects in a timely manner.

New York City Department of Buildings – Special Inspections

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) requires special inspections during construction to confirm all work complies with the submitted and approved plans; special inspections can only be performed by Special Inspectors on behalf of a Special Inspection Agency. As an accredited Special Inspection Agency, EN-POWER GROUP offers comprehensive special inspection services, covering general building construction, fire protection systems, plumbing and mechanical systems, and structural materials.

Distribution Systems

If major mechanical systems are the vital organs of a building, the distribution systems are the arteries and veins. Whether hot surfaces need to be insulated, steam traps need to be repaired or replaced, or piping networks redesigned, our engineers can help you select and implement the right strategies to protect the health and improve the efficiency of your facility.

Project Construction Management

Capital projects can be complicated: obtaining approval from local and state regulatory agencies, coordinating multiple contractors, ensuring compliance, maintaining schedules, and resolving any urgent and outstanding issues. From signing and sealing documents to regulatory agencies to reviewing warranty documents, from establishing work progress schedule to coordinating multiple contractors, from performing inspections to ensure compliance to determine final completion, EN-POWER GROUP has dedicated staff members to support you from the beginning to the completion of your projects.

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