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Identify energy cost savings, decarbonization opportunities, mitigate risks and help your property function at its best with a thorough assessment led by our expert engineers.

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Consulting Engineering

There is currently a broad range of energy conservation and renewable solutions in the market, yet decision making regarding a building’s systems remains complex due to the range of factors: existing technology, building infrastructure, capital, and local legislation and codes. EN POWER GROUP will provide comprehensive, professional engineering consulting services to help make the most informed decision.

Feasibility Studies

By thoroughly assessing and analyzing a building’s existing facilities and energy uses, EN POWER GROUP’s experienced engineers will conduct a comprehensive analysis, including projected energy usage reduction, cost-benefit analysis, and alternative solutions, so you can better determine how to move forward.

ASHRAE Standards

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed widely-adopted standards and guidelines that address building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration, and sustainable technologies. ASHRAE Standard 90.1 has been adopted by many states’ energy conservation codes, as well as for the ASHRAE Energy Audit Standards, which is the industry standard for best practices of energy audits. EN POWER GROUP’s knowledge of these codes and standards will ensure your projects’ compliance with the Energy Conservation Construction Code, while our extensive experience conducting ASHRAE Audit Levels I, II, and III will identifying measures to achieve maximum energy savings.

Code Compliance

From applying to local and state permits to conducting inspections, EN-POWER GROUP will help you comply with building and energy codes, and complete projects in a timely manner. Regardless of your location, EN POWER GROUP will ensure code compliance for air permitting, special inspections, energy benchmarking, energy auditing, and much more.

Physical Needs Assessments (PNAs)

A Physical Needs Assessment (PNA), which follows the ASTM E2018-15 Standard, is an evaluation of the physical and capital expenses that will be required for a property over a 20-year period. In conjunction with a PNA, EN-POWER GROUP will identify energy efficiency and sustainable solutions to be incorporated with future capital plans. We are a qualified service provider for the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and Integrated Physical Needs Assessments (IPNAs), which aim to integrate cost-effective and energy efficiency measures into rehabilitation projects financed by New York City.


Demand Response

To help alleviate stress on the power grid during periods of peak demand, many utility companies and government agencies offer incentives to buildings that reduce their power usage during peak hours. EN‑POWER GROUP will assess your building’s existing equipment and power usage pattern to identify the best load shifting or reduction strategies.

Energy Benchmarking

Energy benchmarking compares a building’s current energy usage against its past usage as well as against buildings of similar size and type. Many local governments have enacted benchmarking local laws and require benchmarking using the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) tool, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, which facilitates data collection and establishes a nation-wide database for performance comparison. EN-POWER GROUP will help you comply with local laws, understand your benchmarking results, identify next steps for energy performance improvement, and apply for Green Building Certifications.

Energy Auditing

An energy audit is a systematic process conducted to understand a facility’s energy usage and identify cost‑effective energy reducing upgrades. Local governments have established legislation, such as New York City’s Local Law 87, to mandate energy audits for municipal, large-scale commercial, and residential buildings. EN‑POWER GROUP has extensive experience helping property owners and managers identify and implement cost-effective, practical upgrades to reduce energy spending and greenhouse gas emissions.


The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed standards to facilitate systematic energy audits, and these standards are one of the most widely used guidelines in the United States. ASHRAE audits have three levels, which vary in complexity:

  • Level I: Walk-through analysis, a study intended to be a quick assessment
  • Level II: Energy survey and analysis, a more detailed building survey
  • Level III: Detailed analysis of capital-intensive modifications, a highly instrumented and long-term study

Regardless of the level of energy audit selected, our engineers will help identify cost‑effective, practical upgrades for any facility.

Energy Modeling

For existing buildings, energy modeling is conducted to understand both current and future facility energy consumption and trends with the goal of making accurate and practical equipment upgrade recommendations. For new construction or substantial renovations, our analyses are based on current industry standards (ASHRAE 90.1) to make accurate projections for future energy spending.

Feasibility Study

By thoroughly assessing and analyzing your building’s existing facilities and energy uses, EN POWER GROUP’s experienced engineers will conduct a comprehensive analysis, including projected energy usage reduction, cost-benefit analysis, and alternative solutions, so you can better determine how to move forward.

Metering Solutions

Metering solutions can be applied to many components of the building industry, from equipment performance and energy usage to sub-metering individual tenants. The goal is to monitor and visualize consumption, making it a powerful tool for real-time energy and power management and promoting behavioral changes. In New York State, metering is required for a building to participate in a demand response program or install a cogeneration system, and sub-metering is required for compliance with New York City’s Local Law 88. EN‑POWER GROUP can help you meet these requirements, while conducting in-depth data analysis to ensure optimal performance of your building.

Portfolio Analysis & Management

EN POWER GROUP provides a wide-range of portfolio management services including systematically  monitoring, assessing, and analyzing a property’s energy usage, identifying short-term solutions to tackle under-performing facilities, and developing long-term sustainability strategies.

Budget/Revenue Forecast

Energy expenditure plays a major role in buildings’ overall spending. We offer budget and revenue forecasts to facilitate financial planning and resource allocation. By collecting and analyzing data of utility consumption, building occupancy, and utility rates, our team will forecast your portfolio’s overall utility spending, as well as potential revenue generated from equipment upgrades and sub metering.

Acquisition Due Diligence

Before purchasing a property, a detailed analysis of the property is critical to ensure an accurate valuation of the acquisition. Mechanical systems as well as building’s physical conditions significantly affect a property’s value. EN POWER GROUP will inspect all mechanical and physical features, conduct physical needs assessments, forecast energy and water expenses, and identify potential energy revenues in order to help determine an acquisition’s return on investment (ROI).

Sustainability Consulting

Strategic sustainability planning continues to gain worldwide importance as society continues to set carbon footprint reduction and energy conservation goals, address climate change, and focus on resiliency planning. In addition to energy and water conservation, a strategic sustainability plan includes green architecture, urban planning, and community engagement to increase property market value and return on investment (ROI).

Rebates & Financing

Building upgrades can bring numerous benefits: decreased energy consumption, increased cash savings, and lower environmental impact. Rebate and tax credits will improve a project’s return on investment (ROI), often guiding final capital and equipment selection. EN-POWER GROUP will identify and help secure all applicable fiscal supports.

Tax Credits and Deductions

Federal and State governments support technological advancement by administering tax credits to facilities that install renewable energy systems. Through the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRs), properties using renewable energy generated on site may be eligible to recover the capitalized cost of equipment over a specified time by annual tax deductions for depreciation. Depending on legislative cycles, EN-POWER GROUP will also help utilize EPAct Accelerated Tax Deductions for capital upgrades in commercial properties.

Rebates & Incentives 

Many government agencies and utility companies offer rebates and incentives to encourage buildings to proactively reduce energy consumption. EN-POWER GROUP has successfully facilitated millions of dollars in rebates and incentives programs throughout the United States. Our expertise is recognized by many government and utility entities. EN-POWER GROUP is a qualified partner of the following rebate and incentive programs:

  • Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
  • Flexible Technical Assistance Program of NYSERDA
  • Multi-family Energy Efficient Program (MFEEP) of Consolidated Edison
  • ENERGY STAR Multifamily High-Rise Program (New Construction)

EN-POWER GROUP will work with all governmental agencies or utility companies to secure rebates for any type of facility, including multifamily and commercial buildings.

Financing & Loans

Loans and/or refinancing options may add an extra layer of financial support for applicable projects. EN-POWER GROUP has actively worked with commercial clients to secure property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing, which is an innovative financing mechanism for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. For affordable residential buildings in New York City requiring governmental financing, EN-POWER GROUP is a pre-qualified provider of IPNA’s.

From finding viable lenders, conducting physical needs assessments, assessing refinancing options to compiling a study report for loan approval, EN POWER GROUP can accomplish all of your project financing needs.

Energy Savings Agreement

Fiscal concerns and constraints are often the barrier for high-capital but cost-effective equipment upgrades. Energy Saving Agreements, also called Energy Performance Contracts, are designed to spur properties to conserve energy and reduce environmental impact by removing financial limitations. Under these agreements, a private lender finances the upfront capital costs of an energy efficient upgrade and is paid back based on the facility’s energy savings resulting from the project. EN POWER GROUP will identify, facilitate, and evaluate the terms of an Energy Saving Agreement for your energy conservation projects and precisely project the energy and monetary savings of your project through detailed data collection and calculation.


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