EN-POWER GROUP proudly launches its new Service Page about Improving Indoor Air Quality.

Until we find a vaccine or an effective antiviral treatment, COVID-19 (coronavirus) will continue to be a major health and safety hazard, particularly in enclosed spaces where its spread is more likely to occur. Many Americans work in large office buildings and nearly 60 million Americans live in apartment buildings, which puts them at an elevated risk of being exposed to infectious aerosols like coronavirus.

To help facilities install the appropriate and effective technologies in the fight against COVID-19’s spread, EN-POWER’s engineers and lighting experts can help you implement an indoor air quality program through our CDC strategy, which encompasses

  • Clean (UV-C lighting)
  • Dilute (increase fresh air)
  • Contain (air filtration)

Integrating CDC (Clean-Dilute-Contain) strategies into building operations is how we will start to build resiliency in our built environment. Click here to learn how to implement a CDC strategy in your building to reduce the spread of COVID-19.