Building Electrification

As the market shifts towards cleaner energy sources by penalizing carbon emissions (e.g., NYC’s Local Law 97), and local regulations mandate onerous inspections for fossil fuels (e.g., NYC’s Local Law 152 for gas inspections), it’s financially and environmentally beneficial for buildings to electrify their heating and cooling systems.

What is it?

Electrification is the process of retrofitting or replacing existing HVAC equipment with systems that use electricity as their fuel source, thereby eliminating oil and gas consumption.

Electrification upgrade options include: 

  • Modular electric chillers
  • Heat pump domestic hot water (DHW) heaters
  • Air-source heat pumps (ASHPs)
  • Water-source heat pumps (WSHPs) that tie into your existing cooling tower
  • Ground-source heat pumps (GSHPs)
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems
  • Electric stoves / ranges
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations  

What are the benefits? 

Benefits of electrification are numerous, including:

  • Reduced maintenance and utility bills
  • Improved occupant comfort and temperature control
  • Elimination of costly gas inspections
  • Reduced carbon emissions and financial penalties

How do I learn if my building is a good candidate for electrification?


EN-POWER GROUP, as a leading energy engineering firm, can conduct an electrification feasibility study to identify which technologies are appropriate and cost-effective for your facility. Our engineers and analysts can also provide holistic services to ensure a seamless conversion, including from engineering design and specifications to rebate facilitation and project construction management. To discuss opportunities specific to your property, contact us at 914.263.1199 or