NYC's Climate Mobilization Act (CMA)

New York City recently passed the ambitious Climate Mobilization Act (CMA), a package of bills and resolutions that aims to significantly reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions and fight against climate change. The CMA includes the following local laws, introductions, and resolutions:

Local Law 97: Reducing Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Emission Penalties: Starting in 2024, buildings over 25,000 square feet subject to LL84/133 (Energy Benchmarking) will be mandated to meet specified carbon emission limits or pay penalties. Emission limits will change and become tougher in 2030.
  • Emission trading system: By 2021 NYC will study and outline an emission trading system for buildings. Such a study will examine pricing mechanisms and credit verification.
  • Renewable energy credits (RECs): Buildings will be able to purchase RECs to deduct up to 10% of their emissions; those RECs must be generated or deliverable into the NYC electric grid.

Local Law 96: Establishing a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program

NYC will establish a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program, which is a voluntary financing mechanism that provides low-cost, long-term funding for energy efficiency projects. Such a program will enable more building owners to implement clean energy measures and thus reduce NYC’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Local Law 95: Adjusting Energy Letter Grade Ranges

Starting in 2020, buildings over 25,000 sqft must display their energy letter grades at all public entrances. The grade ranges have now been changed so the majority of buildings fall into the “D” grade category. The new letter grade ranges are:

Letter Grade Benchmarking Score (from LL84 data)
A 85-100
B 70-84
C 55-69
D 1-54
F Failure to comply with Local Law 84

Local Law 94: Requiring Green Roofs on NYC Buildings

New constructions and buildings undergoing certain major renovations will be required to include a green roof system or rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Local Law 92: Installing Green Roofs on Smaller Buildings

This bill will adjust requirements of Introduction 1032 for smaller buildings.

Local Law 93: Posting Information on the Installation of Green Roof Systems

A newly established Office of Alternative Energy will be required to post on its website and share information regarding the installation of green roofs and other materials relating to green roof systems.

Resolution 66: Green Roof Tax Abatement Resolution

This resolution calls upon the State Legislature to pass legislation that would increase property tax abatement for the installation of a green roof, incentivizing building owners to install green roofs.

Local Law 98: Clarifying the Inclusion of Large Wind Turbines

Department of Buildings (DOB) now has authority and obligation to develop clear standards for the design, construction, maintenance, and removal of large wind turbines in New York City.

What should you do next?


In order to reduce the potential financial penalty, your property must implement energy-saving measures, including:

  • Heating / cooling central plant upgrade
  • Domestic hot water plant upgrade
  • Oil / steam to gas conversion
  • HVAC distribution system upgrade
  • Controls & building automation system
  • Variable speed controls / drives (VFDs) 
  • Elevator modernization
  • Solar panels & energy storage
  • Cogeneration (CHP)
  • Lighting upgrade & controls
  • Ventilation system modernization
  • Sub-metering 

To help buildings adopt energy saving measures and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, new finance options are available through Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), a NYC carbon trading system, as well as rebate and incentive programs.

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