Michael Scorrano, EN-POWER GROUP’s Managing Director and Founder, was recently interviewed by Michael Herzenberg of NY1 to discuss the challenges of New York City’s new green building laws.

“The city council is still hashing out updates and clarifications to its green buildings law passed in April. It’s considered the most ambitious and exacting city mandated building emission measure in the world.  Some of the details though will take months and years to work out. That has building boards scrambling and struggling to figure out what this means for them.

Andrew Werner is the president of his Upper East Side co-op and the building was all set to convert its old oil heating system to natural gas.

‘Making our buildings more efficient is absolutely the best way to go,’ said Werner who hired EN-POWER GROUP, an Energy Consulting and Engineering company.

‘It is certainly one thing that would actually help on the energy footprint, carbon production, but there’s obviously other challenges,’ said Michael Scorrano of EN-POWER GROUP.

The big challenge he says is the city’s new Climate Mobilization Act, the so-called Green Buildings bill passed in April. It mandates that many city buildings 25,000 square feet or more dramatically reduce their carbon emissions by 2030 or face stiff fines.”

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