“Earlier this year, after an open call for nominations, committees of NESEA Members chose two members of our community to honor at the annual NESEA Night awards ceremony:

  • Mariel Eisenberg Hoffman was the inaugural recipient of the Kate Goldstein Emerging Leader Award, which recognizes a NESEA Member early in their career for their current engagement and their demonstrated potential to continue to meaningfully affect the future of NESEA.
  • Fred Davis joined a long list of individuals celebrated for their dedication as the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes a NESEA Member who has made a significant contribution of time and service to the organization.

Recently, NESEA brought Fred and Mariel together to interview each other about topics ranging from the history of NESEA, to what inspires them, to their career paths and the urgency of climate change.”


To read the highlights of the interview in the Fall 2019 issue of BuildingEnergy Magazine >>>> click here