Thomas Morrisson, Director of Energy Management at EN-POWER GROUP, spoke with Habitat Magazine about the benefits and challenges of residential building submetering.

“…when owners start to see accurate electric bills, they start to think twice about how much they are paying. Generally speaking, we find that residents reduce their electrical usage anywhere from 20 to 25 percent as a result of a submeter conversion.” Thomas outlines some of the logistical and physical installation challenges of submetering, including resident education.

“Once the meters were installed, the board began fielding questions from residents. ‘What does this all mean? What is a kilowatt/hour, and what is a kilowatt? How is the bill calculated? How do I read this bill? How do I read my meter?’ We scheduled several educational sessions to answer these questions, and we also explained what kind of things affected electrical consumption. We went over the items that were easy to change – like switching from incandescent to LED bulbs – as well as the more costly upgrades that would save electricity.”

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