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Our Mission

Apply practical solutions to complex energy needs of our clients to maximize their savings while reducing source environmental impact across all markets we serve.


With a mission of providing practical solutions to clients’ energy problems, EN-POWER GROUP was founded in May 2003 by Michael Scorrano to be an engineering firm that designs, develops, and delivers comprehensive and integrated energy solutions for any building type, from concept to completion. We help our clients understand how their buildings work and develop the right mix of energy supply, conservation measures, and green initiatives to maximize cost savings. Our multi‑disciplinary team includes engineers, analysts, and project managers who work seamlessly with our clients’ other partners including professional services firms, manufacturers, contractors, and managing agents.

Our Work

As an integrated energy engineering firm, EN-POWER GROUP’s services range from engineering design and implementation to energy consulting, managing, and financing. For all projects, our engineers and analysts focus on energy efficiency and resiliency in order to maximize project payback and aid long-term facility planning. Our expertise includes traditional HVAC systems, building green certification, code and law compliance, and on-site generation technologies including solar PV, cogeneration (CHP), battery storage, and emergency power generators. We assist our clients from all building-types in developing a thorough understanding of existing energy-related conditions and in developing solutions to improve efficiency and mitigate environmental impacts in their facilities.


EN-POWER GROUP is a fast-growing company that aims to foster its employees and help them pursue their technical interests through hands-on experiences. We believe in teamwork, collaboration, and a supportive environment for our staff members as well as for our external partners.

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